SIMIDA is a beautiful deciduous tree. Its leaves have many beneficial properties, being the ultimate enemy of cellulite. They generally act against fluid retention, having an anti-ageing, revitalizing effect. SIMIDA leaves help treat skin diseases, especially blotches and lichen planus, as well as eczema and psoriasis, thus ensuring a healthier, cleaner and smoother shiny skin. They also relieve muscle pain.


CHAMOMILE contributes to the treatment of various skin problems, from acne to irritated skin and fungi infections. The extracts of this plant are traditionally used to relieve irritated skin. They particularly soothe the eye area, reducing dark circles and puffiness. CHAMOMILE is ideal for removing make-up and it is suitable for sensitive skin, as well. The plant extract can also be used to clean wounds, prevent possible contamination and speed up the healing process.


ACHILLEA is a herb with dozens of properties and uses. Its name derives from the mythical Achilles, who treated with this particular plant his wounded fellow soldiers. ACHILLEA restores abnormalities in the bloodstream and this is the reason why it is used to treat varicose veins. It also cleans thoroughly the oily skin. It has healing properties and it is especially effective in the treatment of hemorrhoids, dermatoses and inflammations, such as acne, herpes, furuncle, as well as in the treatment of allergies and itch. Additionally, it helps restore stretchmarks in the area of nipples, breast, hand and thighs.


ARNICA is a beautiful plant with beneficial properties, whose flower looks like a daisy. It is a herb that has the power to revitalize the nervous system. Traditionally ARNIKA applies only externally and it is never used in wounds or internally. It is very effective in activating rehabilitation mechanisms. It can relieve muscular and rheumatic pains after exercise and hard work, stiffness, tendinitis and sprains, while it is also used for relaxing massage. Its effects are magnificent.


MOLOHA "relieves the pain", Hippocrates said. It is one of the most favorite plants, which has been used since ancient times. It is effective in softening calluses and soothing pained limbs, especially swollen legs after hard work and exercise, while it also relieves the pain that is caused by hemorrhoids. MOLOHA is particularly known for its beneficial effect on irritated skin. It is often used in the treatment of bee and wasp stings and nettle stings as well.

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