Our story…

Herbal Body Oil is a family-owned company, which appreciates the harmony and the presents of nature. In 2015, Mrs Drosia Evaggelopoulou founded the company with the full support of her husband, friends and colleagues. Their journey included many stops, each of them carrying great importance. After numerous years of study across the relevant literature, they went on to collect all the necessary information and thoroughly research in the field of botanology. Their final stop was a fully detailed documentation of knowledge about herbs and herbal qualities.

From then on the herbal oils in their original forms started to reveal the secret of their creation inside their little bottles. At that point their route towards different destinations began, in order to spread the word about their multiple benefits internationally.

Our philosophy…

Herbal oils for everybody

The high-quality Herbal Body Oil products can be used by everyone. The lack of additional chemicals and their purity place them first in the ranking of 100% natural botanicals. Furthermore, a lot of beneficial properties identified in herbal oils make them suitable for people’s various needs and well-being. Finally, although these oils are intended for external use only, your doctor’s opinion and recommendation are important, especially in cases of vulnerable groups.

Mother Nature knows better

Mother Nature constantly gives birth to unexpected magic. Herbs of all different kinds have long been valued to ensure our well-being. Since antiquity herbaceous plants have grown in various colours and shapes with special flavours and distinct properties.

100% natural products

Herbal Body Oil chooses only natural processing methods when it comes to its products. This way we are aware of how the plants are grown in their indigenous locations, ensuring that pesticides or other chemicals aren’t used. The oils are solar-infused without chemical solvents. The warmth of the sun speeds up the process, while the solar energy helps extract beneficial parts of the plant and preserve its purity.







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